Maintenance interview questions

Maintenance interview questions


Key functions of maintenance field include: maintenance planning, maintenance plan, maintenance process, and following steps…

Interview questions below can be used for maintenance director maintenance manager, maintenance assistant, maintenance supervisor, maintenance engineer…

Tips to create maintenance interview questions by yourself: Identify maintenance functions, then create tasks for each functions then you can create questions by structure:

1. What are functions of maintenance? What are tasks that to implement each function?

2. How to do each task/function?

3. What are output of each task/function?

4. How to measure each task/function?

5. How to control each task/function? Etc

Common interview questions

1. Tell me about your self?

2. What do you like about your present job?

3. What do you dislike about your present job?

4. What are your strengths?

5. What is your greatest weakness?

6. Why do you want to leave your current employer?

7. Why have you applied for this particular job?

Maintenance skills

1. What are methods of maintenance?

2. Please tell me a maintenance process?

3. What are Key performance indicators (KPIs) for maintenance?

4. What are maintenance schedule for activity XYZ…..?

5. How to maintenance for equipment XYZ….?

6. What are main duties for this positions? And how to do each duty?

7. Please tell me safety principles of maintenance?

8. Please let me know maintenance requirements in ISO 9000?

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