19 interview questions for Event coordinator

19 interview questions for Event coordinator

Sample interview

1. When planning an event how do you measure your success and the success of the event?
2. In your opinion what type of individual makes a good event planner?
3. What makes you a good event planner?
4. What has been the largest event you have had to plan as an Event Planner?
5. How did you successfully launch an event working with senior managers and VP External Relations to align messaging and events with campaign goals and timelines?
6. We’ve read your resume and seen where you went to college and your work experience, but could you walk us through this period and tell us how you made the decisions you did regarding your education and work?
7. What approaches do you use in communicating with different people, customers, staff, co-workers, management? How do you know you are communicating effectively?
8. To be successful in this position, you need to be comfortable with people at all levels of the organization, both inside and outside of our department. Can you give us examples of this type of interaction in your current or past positions? How do you develop rapport with co-workers, supervisors, etc.?
9. How would you describe your work style?
10. As an Event Planner you will be responsible for managing all aspects of an event.
11. Tell us the most challenging event you have had to plan?
12. What made it challenging and what was the end result?
13. Have you had experience organizing a fund raising event?
14. What were some of your roles as an Event Planner?
15. Did you complete all the tasks on your own or with a team?
16. On many occasions Event Planners are do not see I to eye with either the client, team member or customer.
17. Describe a situation when you were faced with a difficult person or group and what you did to overcome the challenges and build good rapport?
18. How do you build and maintain good rapport when planning events with a client?
19. Tell me about your Event Planning experience and how you work with the planning committee of an event?

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Interview questions for Event coordinator

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